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And you'd hardly recognize me if you saw me from behind.

12 November
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welcome to my fantasticly spastic journal. my name is catherine, and i adore life in general. i am obsessed with many things, but that, of course, is bound to change. :) i AM a teenage girl after all, and these sort of things are constantly changing. haha! but other than that, im just a 16 year old at mount rainier high school, and life is pretty good. i cant stand drama, so take it somewhere else puh-LEEZ. im pretty laid back, but i can be uptight about school and other things. oh, i really enjoy starwars and macaroni and cheese. :) and other stuff too...

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i'm in ravenclaw!

credit and about my journal...

header and FO banner by octagonal just for me! yay, i love them! liz, you OWN MY SOUL. seriously. :)
please no stealing... OF ANYTHING. that includes the header, FO banner, and a few select icons. i didnt make them and i dont have the right to give them away... :)
the layout is s2... customized by ME.

in addition, i post a lot of pictures. most, though not all come from: mugglenet.com, desiringhayden.net, or veritaserum.com. HP and Hayden are my two biggest fandoms, obviously. if you want a specific PAGE of where i got it, too bad. i post pictures by a.)going "OMGTHATSADORABLE!" then b.) saving into my "lj-worthy pics" file, then c.) uploading into either imagecave or photobucket. by the time step c rolls around, i've usually forgotten where i got the picture, quite honestly. o, and one more thing... though you may like the picture, and you feel as though you need to post it, thats fine, BUT NO HOTLINKING. omg, you hotlink you die. my accounts at my image hosts are NOT infinite, and i'd appreciate it if you did not hotlink. if you do, i WILL catch you, and you will be banned. kthanksbye. :)

and, as of April 20, 2005, my journal is friends-only. so add me! and i'll add you too. :)
but know that i WILL obsess over boys, i WILL write pointless entries, and i WILL make typos. in fact, my journal can be highly teenage-girl/fangirl-ish... just as a warning. lol.

also... TYPE LIKE A LITERATE PERSON, PLEASE. none of that "u r kewl" SHIT. i KNOW that i dont capitilize "i's" or the first letters of my sentences, but you know what? thats what microsoft word is for. but seriously, i will not out-rightly KILL you... but secretly i will wish too if you ...
a. overuse LOL. i dont mind it used casually once and while... but dont, DONT, over do it.
b. type like this: kewl, mai, u, r, rotf, any-word-with-a-z-instead-of-a-s, or any of that shit. just dont do it.

and just in case you were wondering... my username came from a TYPO. yepp. i hate to admit it, but it really, truly did. my aim name is cantstopgigglin8... and when i typed it in to create a LJ... well... i left out the L. whoops. :) and so where did the AIM name come from? well... one day my friend chanel and i were on our way home from a soccer game back in 6th grade... and because i couldnt stop laughing and i like the number 8... chanel came up with that one. so i adopted it, and here it stands. lol. the end.

the MANY obsessions...

for me, i dont ever just "like" anything. none of the cool kids "like" stuff. no. they LOVE stuff. and these are many things that i do love/obsess over. :)

and as of right now, i'd say my biggest obsession is HARRY POTTER. Jo Rowling has got to be the most talented and wonderful woman alive. i mean, there are times when i'd like to ... to... smash her over the head with a ... with... a stuffed animal... *cough*booksixdeath*cough*... but you get the point. :) i just LOVELOVELOVE the books. if anyone says they like the movies better, they aren't real fans. besides, i harbor a deep loathing towards Alfonso Cuaron for ruining my favorite book changing the story. people are always like "LEIKOMGLOLZ... catherine get over it. they had to change stuff." psh. i know I would be willing to sit through an 18 hour movie... i dunno about you all. :)

and ships. ah, ships. i'm at peace with most of them. slash is funny (bwahaha... i adore harry/draco), but for some reason Ron/Hermione causes me extreme nausea. just ew. i know that its canon and that JK says that its "always been Ron and Hermione" , and i know that makes it law. but just EW. its like... tomatoes. we all know that tomatoes will always be there, but they're still gross. LIKE THAT! yes. :) oh and, i'd say that the best ship would be Cedric/Hermione. because we all know that CEDRIC'S NOT DEAD. right, liz? right. he's just shopping for hair care products. its taking him a while, you know? ;)

oh yes, and i adore draco. WELL, not really draco as a character. more of tom!draco. because tom!draco is quite the hottie. *sigh*. :) and my favorite character would have to be HERMIONE! whee, i adore hermione. she's just like me. :) *love*.

hm. and since i know you would LOVE to know... i LOVE music. its my life. i seriously adore it more than anything. and my latest infatuation is TYLER HILTON. he's so talented, i love his voice, and as a plus, he's majorly good looking. :)

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Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is angsty love

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Tyler Hilton is true love.

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Orlando Bloom is Silly but Hot Love

and yes, i did have fun putting all these color bars in my info *bows*

heck yes.
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